30% off sale on all inventory! Feb. 20th-28th Noon-7pm (Sundays 1pm-7pm)



 Reg. Price $40

Sale Price $28


 big targetreg.650

Large Target

Reg. Price $650

Sale Price $455



Deer Decoys

Reg. Price $249.95

Sale Price $174.97



Reg. Price starting at $28

Sale Price starting at $19.60


 startat400crossbow.startat300-up(reg) compound

Cross Bows Reg. Price starting at $400

Cross Bows Sale Price starting at $280

Compound bows Reg. Price starting at $300

Compound bows Sale Price starting at $210




Parker and Miscellaneous Inventory

30% off Reg. Price




Reg. Price $9 ea.

Sale Price $6

Thank you to everyone who came out to the bow shoot on Saturday!

Congratulations to Wayne Rasnake who was the men’s winner of the year with the top score and holds the highest score, and congratulations to April Phillips who was the female winner for the year with the top score and holds the women’s title for highest score!

Blood-Finding Flashlight!


The best new product–the blood finding flashlight–is a must see!

G.W. says, “I have tried it, and to my surprise it works great! With a regular flashlight all I could see on the ground were brown spots. This new light is amazing!”

You can get it now for $69.95.